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Made by hockey fans, for hockey fans. Get more data in real-time while using just your thumbs.

Lineups & Expected Goalies

Put your feet up. Start scrolling. Let’s find what line P.K. Subban got demoted to. And oh is that Sheshterkin starting in net again? Good thing Lundqvist squeezed on over to Washington.

My Fantasy Team

Hey bud… your team is empty… why? Don’t you want to see Mackinnon and McDavid on your team? Don’t forget to check out their stats so you can get drilled by your friends for losing another week in fantasy.

NHL Player Pick'ems

I bet you won’t win the monthly prize. Put those tokens to the test (all free of course, cheap bastards) and make the right pick. You think Hall is going to shoot over 5 shots again today? Ante up.

Team Highlighted Feature

Center Ice Hub's team has handpicked the one feature you should look out for when we launch later this year!

Center Ice Play Simulator

Center Ice Play Simulator is a fun prop betting tool where users can use tokens to bet on props or individual NHL players stats for free, while they truly follow the top 5 or 10 hottest NHL players of the night!

Let's say Sidney Crosby is having a hot last few games. Expect him to be one of the NHL players that will be selected for you to choose a specific stat and whether the stat will be over or under a specific number. Even create your own fantasy team in the other side of our mobile app with these players in mind.

Watching and paying attention to hockey would be much more fun with Center Ice Play Simulator, don't you think?

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Center Ice Hub and the majority of its features can be seen below. Hockey definitely makes the world a better place and Center Ice Hub makes hockey time more exciting!

NHL Player Stats

Stay up to date with the NHL stats of your favorite NHL players. Including basic and advanced NHL stats.

NHL Starting Goalies

Find out which NHL goalies are projected to start the game tonight and their extensive set of stats.

Custom Fantasy Team

Use Center Ice Hub to create your own custom fantasy team and track only the players YOU want to track!

NHL Lines in Real-Time

Center Ice Hub is one of the few apps that allows you to see NHL lines by team in real-time, so you can plan your matchups easily!

Daily NHL Player Hot Watch

See which players are ``hot`` today. You can see who is on a goal scoring blitz, assisting frenzy, or a shooting gallery!

NHL Player Comparisons

Is your friend convinced an NHL player is better than the other? Help prove them right or wrong with our comparison tool!

App Screenshots

Take a sneak peek into Center Ice Hub below.